· · ♦ · ·

Your fingers travel lightly along my inner thighs,

leaving traces of taunted heat,

urging me to open what has always been hidden,

what has always been my weakness.

With that simple touch,

my soul comes alive,

my body begins to ache for more,

secretly wishing for the impending excitement.

Stares cast aside as I let go of a sigh

and then a moan,

wishing not for the end

but to start all over again…




· · ♦ · ·

It has been a month since I have last known your touch my Love and three more days until our moans echo beyond indecency once again as your lips ravage mine, as your hands knead the mounds of my eager and quivering flesh, as your desire throttles the breath out of me, as your lust consumes every trickling ounce of my own…

· · ♦ · ·

Portrait source:  Pinterest



· · ♦ · ·


She offers her love

with scarlet vulnerability

unthinkable intensity

a sanguine promise of eternity


And serves her passion

without judgment or hesitation

with unreasonable compulsion

just pure, sultry abandon

· · ·

She is a woman after all…

but remember, roses have thorns. (wink)

This night

No words can express how much I love this piece by sirensong1208. Kindly visit her blog. It will be worth your time.

Siren Whispers

FullSizeRenderAll he could do was stare.

He was mesmerized by beauty.

By this place

By this night

And by her

Especially her.


He would have known her anywhere

The elegant and sensual curve of neck and shoulder

Seemingly created for his lips.

The bare expanse of back

That always beckoned to his fingers to caress

And the sweet curve of hip and arse

So beautifully adorned by her red dress.


The night air felt soft and velvety upon her skin.

Light danced upon the water.

The evening was rich with romance and possibility.

This place was magical

Always one of beauty to her

It would take on new memories and significance

With him.

She was intoxicated by it all.

By this place.

By this night.

And by him

Especially by him.


He had never met her

Not in person.

Being this close to her made him light headed

With desire.


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